BreakMeter - the Golf Green Reader 앱 리뷰


Aimpoint system requires % not degree. Currently you are missing the boat since Aimpoint is becoming a very popular system. Tmate

Aimpoint Percent Slope

Great app. Very intuitive. Is there anyway to convert unit measurement to percent slope as opposed to degree? That would be very helpful. If not, I certainly would pay for an update that did so. Thanks all.

Percent of slope

It would be great if you went also calculate percentage of slope. That is what the Aimpoint green reading system uses. Digital levels give both percentage and degree of slope.

Pretty good but could use a few improvements

I downloaded you Break Meter app recently and I was wondering if you would consider a few items for the next release. I've been looking for a tool like a Clinometer (minus the height measuring) but none of the App Store versions are correct. This app is very close being a green reading tool but it would need a few items to be a truly helpful. The two most important items being a north arrow to help me indicate a heading and the second would be a percentage slope (to two decimal places) option versus just the degrees. It would be terrific if there could be a heading using 360 degrees like a compass as well. If the top of the phone is pointing toward the north it would read 0*, east 90*, south 180*, west 270*, etc. Lastly, it would be really neat if no matter which direction I laid the phone down, an arrow pointed straight uphill on the screen with the percentage slope and the differential heading from north, maybe there would be a second arrow for north. I think this could be interrogated into your putting app to help people chart greens or an entirely new app that I think people would pay for, myself included.

Great app - great dev support

Considering this was a $0.99 app I bought 3 years ago, it is amazing these devs are releasing major free updates. Not only that, but they have updated for IOS 8 more quickly than a lot of major shops. Really nice app made by really good devs. Give these guys a dollar if you golf and want to improve your reads during practice.

Not worth a penny

I am sure the guys who made this app don't play golf cause its useless... Worst way to spend $0.99

Keeps crashing

Cannot get it go into calibration. Crashes.

Do not buy

It crashes at setup, never got to even use it.

Great app. Great for Practice Rounds.

As a Junior golfer dreaming to go pro, I play in a lot of golf tournaments. What people don't understand is that if you set the iPhone where your ball is. It is only going to read the slope for where you set it down. Not the entire 20 foot putt. It's perfect to check what a putt Is going to do at the hole and is great for any serious golfers in practice rounds before a golf tournament. Thanks!

Great app for reading greens

As a college golf coach I use this app during our practice rounds to show break in greens. Works great I highly reccomend it!

Feel like an idiot.

Who wants to lay his phone on the green with his buddies watching? I used it once playing by myself and still felt ridiculous. It works okay for 3 to 6 footers that only break one way. But this is for gimmick suckers (like me). Don't bother.

Save your money

Wish i could say this worka as im a huge golfer myself and always wondered what true reads were. But this read one of my severely left- breaking putts to the right. What a waste.

Alright app

Good app. Doesn't work with double breakers and not leagle in match play.

Not legal during a golf match

This is a very nicely done app that is not legal during a golf match. It could be used to preview read holes before a match. It has excellent properties as a level for general purposes off the golf course. It is great for a general laugh when showing the guys what a techie you are. It is very fairly priced.


Great tool, as a golf course superintendent I use this all the time to make sure the days pin placements are correct and fair, so now instead of carrying my 75.00 breakmeter around with me, I have one ready to go on my phone. Awesome, thanks.

very nice app

I bought this app and the very next day I went out to a golf course that I have never played. I played 9 holes and had three birdies. This thing is dead on and if you dont have it I suggest you get it.

Awesome! What a deal!!!!

This is the best app for golf until a gps with lots of courses comes. My golf instructor has showed me a product like this that cost 100$ GET THIS WHILE CHEAP

This really works!

This is a neat idea and produces pretty good results. It's obviously against the rules, but can be helpful to those who have trouble reading greens.

Don't tell?

"don't tell your friends you are using it"??? Won't it be obvious when you put your phone on the green every time you putt?

BreakMeter Works

Very good program, tried it on the course yesterday and it was bang on with its advice on break. This will soon find its way into the bags of many tour players. Now all we need is a great golf stats program that works well on the iPhone. An application that keeps us up to date on golf scores around the world would be useful as well. The iPhone and golf could turn out to be a beautifull marriage.

Great app

This app works great. The lock button needs to be more obvious by making it change colors when it is locked.

Creative, simple and fun

This lil' app is pretty nifty. It is merely a multi-plane level, but it displays the offset with a digital display so when one of your buddies says, "that looks like a pretty big break", you can say, "actually, it's only 4.2 degrees right to left".

Great app, anxious to try it on the course

Looks to be a great app, I've purchased it and tried it out in the house, it seems to be working very well. Not legal for use according to USGA rules, but you can use it on the practice green to see how putts are breaking, and on the real course during practice rounds. I'll probably try it out on the course after a putt, just to see which direction the putt really should have went or to test out some tricky spots on the greens for future reference.

super cool

works so good. don't tell your friends your using it.

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